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Beauty Fridge Rose Quartz Beauty Roller

Beauty Fridge Rose Quartz Beauty Roller

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Description and specs
Yoga class is in session. Yep, you read that right. Welcome to your yoga session but for your face! The Beauty Roller was designed to tighten and wake up weary skin. Enhance your skin routine with Beauty Fridge’s Rose Quartz. What does it do? Encourages better absorption of your oils and serums Encourages better skin health and a radiant complexion How to use: STEP 1: Keep the pressure light and comfortable on your skin and roll out horizontally from your chin to your hairline.  STEP 2: From the corner of your nose, roll up towards your ears.  STEP 3: Place the small end of your rose quartz roller in the inner corner of your eye and roll out towards your temples.  STEP 4: Flip your roller again and use the wider end to roll downwards from your eyebrows to your temples.  STEP 5: Roll upwards from your eyebrows, moving across your forehead, towards your hairline.  STEP 6: Finally, roll out horizontally from the middle of your temples for a relaxing end to your pampering/rolling session.  TIP: The Beauty Roller is best used chilled. Take your rolling session to the next level by pairing it up with your favourite skincare product or a sheet mask underneath. Chilled products are highly recommended for optimum results. 
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