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Air Purifier HEPA Filter (16.2cm x 12.6cm) Replacement Part

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Air treatment is heavily influenced by the extreme weather conditions of bushfires and floods. This puts a strain on asthma and allergies, causing breathing difficulties. This Air Purifier Filter 16.2cm x 12.6cm for the Air Purifier with CADR 95m³/h will prevent the interior risks of poor air quality.   We recommend replacing the filters about every six to eight months, sooner or later depending on the frequency of use and pollution level in the environment. The filter replacement indicator will illuminate on the touch screen of the air purifier and an increased operating noise coupled with decreased airflow will signal it is time to change out the size 16.2cm x 12.6cm HEPA filter. Changing the filter is as simple as twisting open the bottom of the air purifier and swapping out the filter. Always ensure the packaging is removed first before inserting the filter into the air purifier.   It’s time to finally breathe easy with our replacement filters for our air purifiers. Features: For Air Purifier with CADR 95m³/h Filter: Pre filter + HEPA + activated carbon, size 16.2cm x 12.6cm Measurements: 16.2cm x 16.2cm x 12.6cm Weight: 230g Inclusions: 1 x HEPA filter GTIN: 9324008022576
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