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  9. 11-Fin Oil Column Heater 2400W w/ 3 Heat Settings & Wheels

11-Fin Oil Column Heater 2400W w/ 3 Heat Settings & Wheels

Save $30.00
Heating your home can be as easy as roll, plug and set with our powerful, 11-fin oil column heaters.   These handy heaters combine convection + radiant heating, which eliminate oxygen and humidity interference. Enjoy clean and healthful air for those with asthma or allergy concerns, including no risk of static, no dry skin, no dry eyes and most importantly, no toxic gases compared to traditional heaters. Best of all, these oil column heaters run on silent operation so all occupants can enjoy a calm, quiet environment.   With an adjustable thermostat to choose from three heat settings, achieving and maintaining the ideal room temperature is simple. Appreciate a steady flow of heat throughout the room for a stable and consistent temperature. This 2400-watt oil column heater has 11 fins and automatically clicks on and off to sustain the warmth of the room. Equipped with a convenient cord storage on the front and free-standing with the included castor wheels, this oil column heater is ready to roll about each room with ease.   Complete with a tip-over switch, over-heat protection and a power indicator light, the 11-Fin Oil Column Heater is the perfect choice for homes and apartments. Features: 3 heat settings, adjustable thermostat, 11 fins, cord storage, free-standing on the included castor wheels, tip-over switch, overheating protection, power indicator light, convection + radiant heating Power: Low = 1000W, Medium = 1400W, High = 2400W Fins Size: 12cm x 50cm Colour: White Measurements: 49cm x 29cm x 54.5cm Weight: 8.4kgs Inclusions: 1 x heater 1 x instruction manual GTIN: 9324008023290
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