SodaStream 500ml Soda Press Organic Syrup 50% Less Sugar Lemon/Lime & Bitters

in Soft Drink sold by KG Group
The drink you drink when you’re not drinking, and a great choice if you are. Lemon, lime and bitters are a classic combo, but bitters are one of those things seemingly shrouded in mystery. Originating in Angostura in the Caribbean, their light blend of aromatic herbs and spices add a more delicate accent to this classic zesty soda syrup. Just add sparkling water from your SodaStream to our Organic Lemon Lime & Bitters Syrup and enjoy! Makes 16 drinks - Keep in fridge after opening. 50% Less Sugar Use in cocktails, mocktails and mixers. After opening put in fridge - Will last for 6 months. Includes: 1x Soda Press Co Organic Soda Syrup 500ml - Lemon Lime & Bitters
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