2pc SodaStream 1L Decor Edition Carbonation Bottles for Soda Maker Country Mint

in Kitchen Appliances sold by KG Group
The 2PK Sodastream Country Mint 1L Carbonating Bottle DWS is a new stylish way to sparkle your water. Designed to withstand the continual pressure of carbonation, SodaStream Carbonating Bottles feature a hermetic sealing lid to keep your sparkling drinks fizzy for longer. Perfect for those who love adding fun and colour to their lives. Carbonating bottle features a leafy monstera design and also a clear water level line to guide you when filling it up. Ideal for making your sparkling water and flavoured fizzy drinks and for entertaining guests or simply to enjoy at home with the family. Features: 1L dishwasher safe  Bottle Dishwasher Safe BPA-free Bottle Size: 1L Suitable ONLY for Source, Spirit, Play and Power Sparkling Water Makers.   Includes: 2x 1L Bottles
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