Breville Air Filter For The Smart Dry Ultimate Dehumidifier Replacement Set

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Breville Air Filter For The Smart Dry Ultimate Dehumidifier HEPA Filter for the Smart Dry Ultimate™ Dehumidifier. This H11 grade HEPA filter reduces fine particles including allergens & particles. Compatibility: LAD500WHT The Smart Dry Ultimate Dehumidifier  Instructions for use 1. Remove the air inlet grille from the back of the dehumidifier to access the air filter  2. Remove the used air filter & discard 3. Remove the new air filter from the packaging material  4. Place the new filter into the dehumidifier before replacing the air inlet grille to hold in place  Dimensions Approx. 18.5 x 1 x 26cm Includes  1 x Air Filter Please note this is a fitler only, machine is not included.
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