Nobo 750W Slimline Portable Indoor Electric Panel Heater w/ Castors/Timer White

in Climate Control Appliances sold by KG Group
Nobo 750W Slimline Panel Heater w/ Castors & Timer - White shares the Scandinavian design ethos: to combine clean and timeless models with user-oriented functionality. It conceals the heat outlet vents behind the front panel, removing visual clutter and blending in against your wall. This clever design also means Nobo panel heaters can be installed almost anywhere, including behind furniture, where others may not work effectively. Features: Recommended for small sized bedrooms & ensuites of approx. 7.5m² Concealed air vents to remove visual clutter Only 5.5cm thick so it does not protrude unnecessarily Ultra Accurate Thermostat (fluctuating only 0.1°C) IP24 Rated Silent Performance Child Lock 7-Day Timer Energy Control System Compatible Wall Mountable or Portable install
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