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Coasters Dogs Fault

Coasters Dogs Fault

Description and specs

The Coasters Dogs Fault is visual spectacle that is made through the use of premium quality ceramic material in a square shaped design. Each has its surface ornamented through the interweaving of two popular choice motifs - Santa Claus and dogs! This ornamentation and deliberate choice of palette makes it perfectly suitable for practical functional use as well as ornamental engagements.

The four coasters have their surfaces ornamented with similar motifs and wordings such that each pair of coasters has a similar ornamentation as against the other pair. The first two coasters contained in this set are ornamented with the words "HERE COMES Santa PAWS" with the felt hat of Santa Claus. The other two coasters are ornamented with the words "DEAR Santa IT WAS MY DOG'S FAULT!" plus the image of a Christmas felt hat. All of the words which are written on these coasters are written in a beautiful mixture of red and black.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 9.5x9.5cm
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