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Fidget Spinner - Cheeseburger

in Toys sold by Cookie Jar
YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ÔROUND We all need brain breaks and hereÕs one way to put a fresh spin on it! Fidget Spinner Everlasting Donut and Fidget Spinner Everlasting Burger will entertain kids with its super quick, super smooth motion. Using your thumb and middle finger, start flicking the spinner with either your index finger or your other hand. This Fidget Spinner features a smooth and fast action for a satisfying, continuous spin. This line can productively distract kids and that can help them focus on more important tasks later on. Features Smooth, fast action for a satisfying spin Ideal while waiting in a restaurant or at the doctorÕs office Toss it a backpack, keep it in the car Screen-free, kid-powered fun. No batteries needed Ideal small gift, party favor, or classroom prize Measures 2Ó x 1Ó for ages 3+
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