Kelly & Windsor Alpaca Classic Pillow - TWIN PACK

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You will never find a better pillow for comfort but more importantly a hypoallergenic pillow to help you sleep through all of your allergies. Our pure alpaca wool pillows have fibres that cannot shift or clump, so you enjoy consistent comfort and support, night after night. Pillows come in thin (mainly for children), standard, thick and super thick. They will settle fairly quickly after a night or two and then stay that way. Rest your head in pure alpaca wool luxury. Made with only 100% Australian pure wool that cannot shift or clump, enjoy consistent comfort and support, night after night and be free of allergies. They are covered in 100% cotton sateen for a soft and pure feel. Many “wool” pillows also have other man made fillings as well, ours do not, they are only pure wool. Three profiles Everybody is different, so that's why we offer three pillow profile options - Low - for back an tummy sleepers Medium - for side sleepers, most popular choice High - for those that prefer a higher profile pillow for sleeping, resting or reading Pillow size - Australian standard size - 73cm x 49cm x 6cm gusset
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