24 Pack | Acoustic Soundproof Foam Sound Absorbing Panels 30x30x5cm

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24 Form Panels Per Pack Each Panel Size: 30x30x5cm Professional Acoustic Control - Our sound absorbing panels are designed walls and ceilings. The acoustic foam tiles were proved to improve sound quality and to get vocal and instrument recordings clearly in home recording studios. So you can mix your music to a higher standard.Good Sound Absorption Characteristics - Our soundproofing acoustic foam can make your room quieter and help you to concentrate. There's nothing worse than distractions in work and home when you are trying to focus. By removing unwanted echo and reverberation, the noise level of conversations, TVs and other noises can be reduced effectively,so you can maximise your productivity and get stuff done quickly. High Quality Material - Our acoustic panels soundproof foam is very light and affordable.You may concerned that our quality is lower than other acoustic foam panels on the market.You may rest assured,our acoustic foam panel is made of flexible, professional acoustic foam which is designed for sound absorption in a wide variety of soundproofing situations. Also,The soundproof foam is consistent in density and firmness, so the sound absorption will also be consistent. Ease of Installation - Our sound absorbing foam is not a high-density foam, so it is very light, you can easily put it to where they need to go by attaching it with staples, nails, screws, tacks or glue. No special tools or materials are needed for installation.Environmental Friendly Material - Our sound insulation panels is made up of environmental friendly polyurethane which will not cause any harm to our body.Also,there's flame retardant formula in sponge which can reduce sudden danger and ensure safety.
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