SR04XL compatible battery for HP 15-CB000 CB000NG CB045WM 15-CE000 15-CE015DX 15-DC0000

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Specifications: Battery Type: Li-ion Voltage: 15.4V Capacity: 70.07Wh/4550mAh Color: Black Replacement Part Numbers: SR04XL 917678-1B1 917724-855 TPN-Q193 HSTNN-IB7Z HSTNN-DB7W 917678-2B1 TPN-C133 TPN-C134 Fit Machine Models: HP Omen 15 2018: 15-ce000 Series: 15-ce000ng 15-ce001ng 15-ce001tx 15-ce002ng 15-ce002tx 15-ce003nl 15-ce003tx 15-ce004ng 15-ce004tx 15-ce005ng 15-ce005tx 15-ce006tx 15-ce007ng 15-ce007tx 15-ce008ns 15-ce008nw 15-ce008tx 15-ce012ng 15-ce014ng 15-ce015dx 15-ce015ns 15-ce016ng 15-ce018dx 15-ce018ng 15-ce019dx 15-ce019ng 15-ce019ns 15-ce020ns 15-ce030ng 15-ce031ng 15-ce032ng 15-ce033ng 15-ce034ng 15-ce050nz 15-ce085tx 15-ce087tx 15-ce090nz 15-ce099nf 15-ce509tx 15-ce510tx 15-ce511tx 15t-ce000 15-dc0000 Series: 15-dc0001ng 15-dc0002ng 15-dc0004ng 15-dc0004tx 15-dc0005tx 15-dc0006ng 15-dc0006tx 15-dc0007tx 15-dc0008tx 15-dc0009tx 15-dc0011tx 15-dc0013tx 15-dc0051nr Pavilion 15-cb000 Series: 15-cb000ng 15-cb002ng 15-cb003ng 15-cb004ng 15-cb005ng 15-cb006ng 15-CB006tx 15-CB007tx 15-CB008tx 15-cb009ng 15-CB009tx 15-cb010ng 15-CB010tx 15-cb012ng 15-cb013ng 15-cb014ng 15-cb018ng 15-cb030ng 15-cb031ng 15-cb032ng 15-cb033ng 15-cb035ng 15-cb035wm 15-CB045wm 15-cb070ng 15-cb070nz 15-CB073tx 15-CB074tx 15-CB075tx 15-CB076tx 15-cb077nr 15-cb094nz Pavilion Gaming 15 2018: Pavilion Power 15-cb000: 15-cb009ns 15-cb012na 15-cb012no 15-cb012ns 15-CB018UR 15-cb032ns 15-cb033ns 15-cb036ns 15-cb052tx 15-CB074tx 15-cb075tx 15-CB076tx 15-cb077tx 15-cb091nd 15t-cb2000 2EF91PA 2EF92PA 2EF93PA 2EF94PA 2EF95PA 2EF96PA 2EF97PA 2EF98PA 3KS69PA 3KS70PA 3KS71PA
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