TE03XL Battery Replacement For HP Pavilion 15 BC Series Omen 15 AX Series HSTNN-UB7A 61.6Wh

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Battery Information : Battery Rating: 11.55V Battery Capacity: 61.6Wh Battery Type: Li-Polymer battery Battery Color: black Compatible HP Battery Part Number: For HP TE03XL HSTNN-UB7A TPN-Q173 TE03061XL 849910-850 849570-541 849570-542 849570-543 3ICP7/65/80 Fit HP Laptop Models: For HP Pavilion 15 BC Series PAVILION 15-BC011TX PAVILION 15-BC012TX PAVILION 15-BC013TX PAVILION 15-BC014TX PAVILION 15-BC015TX Omen 15 AX Series OMEN 15-AX002NG OMEN 15-AX003NG OMEN 15-AX004NG OMEN 15-AX005NG OMEN 15-AX006NG OMEN 15-AX008NG OMEN 15-AX009NG OMEN 15-AX011NGOMEN OMEN 15-AX015TX (X1G85PA) OMEN 15-AX016TX (X1G86PA) OMEN 15-AX017TX (X1G87PA) OMEN 15-AX018TX (X1G88PA) OMEN 15-AX019TX (X1G89PA) OMEN 15-AX030NG OMEN 15-AX031TX (X9J90PA) OMEN 15-AX032NG OMEN 15-AX032TX (X9J91PA) OMEN 15-AX033TX (X9J92PA) OMEN 15-AX101TX (X9J85PA) OMEN 15-AX102TX (X9J86PA) OMEN 15-AX103TX (X9J87PA) OMEN 15-AX210TX(1DE73PA) OMEN 15-AX211TX(1DE74PA) OMEN 15-AX212TX(1DE75PA) OMEN 15-AX214TX OMEN 15-AX216TX OMEN 15-AX217TX OMEN 15-AX218TX OMEN 15-AX224TX OMEN 15-AX225TX OMEN 15-AX226TX OMEN 15-AX240TX OMEN 15T-AX000 (V7F58AV) OMEN 15T-AX200 (X7R18AV) Package included : 1 x TE03XL Battery + 1 Set Tools Laptop battery replacement instructions: Discharge the new battery use to 5%(not to 0%) and then charge to 95%, and cycle 3-4 times. Do not disassemble, crush or puncture. Do not dispose of in fire or water. Don't connect adapter for a long time while using the battery. It may damage the battery.
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