Neato Compatible XV-11 XV-12,XV-13,XV-14,XV-15, XV-21, XV-25 XV11 Battery

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Type: NiMh Voltage: 7.4V Capacity: 5000mAh Weight: 220g with packaging Replacement for: 205-0001, 945-0006, 945-0005 Suitable for: (Please search with "Ctrl + F") Neato: XV-11 Neato: XV-12 Neato: XV-14 Neato: XV-15 Neato: XV-21 Neato: XV25 Neato: 945-0080 Neato: All floors Neato: XV-25 signature Neato: Signature 25 Neato: VX Pro Neato: XV signature Neato: XV Signature Pro Vorwerk: VX-100, VR-100 Vorwerk: VX100, VR100
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