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ergoPouch Jersey Sleeping Bag Sage TOG 0.2 Size 3-12 Months

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The ergoPouch Jersey Sleeping Bag is a baby and toddler sleeping bag designed for arms-out sleepers and has a slim-fit, stretchy design similar to that of a swaddle. It is recommended as baby's 'first sleeping bag' after the swaddling phase is over. The safe-sleep approved design is made from soft, stretchy GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo viscose that is non-toxic and gentle of baby's skin. The ergonomically designed bag features a bell-shaped bottom to promote healthy hip joint development and is approved by the International Hip Dyslasia Institute. The 0.2 TOG Jersey Sleeping Bag is perfect for keeping a child warm overnight in rooms 24°C / 75°F. The TOG rating means that there is no need for additional blankets in the cot when using this product, making it a safe-sleep option. Features: GOTS certified organic cotton TOG rated for warmth Breathable natural fibres Slim fit and stretchy Bell-shaped bottom Arms-out sleeping Certified non-toxic Skin friendly Machine washable
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