Verpeak Pull Up Bar Door Frame No Screws Indoor Fitness Workout for Home Gym

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Doorway Pull Up Bar Portable Heavy Duty Chin Up Door Gym Exercise Workout Multi-functional OVERVIEW Take your fitness goals to the next level with the Portable Doorway Chin Up Pull Up Bar. It's multi-functionality lets you do more than just pull ups. Target the rest of your upper body with push-ups, sit-ups, and dips! Refine your upper body in various ways with just one essential equipment Transform your doorway into a gym Perfect your pull-ups with the easy attach-detach design Actively target your muscles with the varying grip options FEATURES The pull up bar uses your body's own resistance to deliver powerful results fast. It also strengthens and tones your biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders and abs. Comfortable grips: 4 Non-Slip grip positions to comfortably perform wide, narrow and neutral-grip exercises Multi-functional: Targets different parts of the upper body and core muscles with pull-ups, push-ups, dips, hanging crunches and more Ease of use: Portable design that easily fits on any standard doorway, simple to assemble and install. Heavy duty construction: Made from high quality steel that is built to last and can hold up to a maximum of 120kg. Convenient strength training for back, chest, arms and ab exercises. SPECIFICATIONS Product Dimensions (including stand): Overall: 104 x 40 x 23 cm (Specific measurements within the description) Product Total Weight: 2kg Weight range (kg): Up to 120 KG Product colour: Black, Silver Brand: OEM Materials: Silver steel, black foam grips Package Weight: 2.2kg Package Dimension: 51 x 18 x 9 cm   IN THE BOX 1x Pull Up Chin Up Bar 1x User Manual 1x Mounting Accessories USAGE PULL-UP Refer to the Variable Hand Grip Positions for Pull Ups. Hold the desired Grips, then pull yourself up and lower yourself down in a slow, controlled manner. Continue your workout until you feel you are no longer using good form. PUSH-UP Choose a clear place on the floor and set the CHIN UP GYM down. Grab and hold the desired grips, then slowly lower yourself towards the floor until you reach the bottom of the push. Slowly push away from the floor until you reach the peak of the push up and you are back in the starting position. Continue your workout until you feel you are no longer using good form. SIT-UP Place CHIN UP GYM in the base of the doorway then pull back to make sure the two "Foam End Pieces" on the opposite side of the door opening come in full contact with the two sides of the door frame. Place your feet underneath the "Long Bar" then bend your feet upwards while keeping your heels against the floor to grab on. As you perform each sit up, pull back on the "Long Bar" with you feet while making sure your heels stay in contact with the floor. This will give you support and proper form. Continue your workout until you feel you are no longer using good form. DIP Place CHIN UP GYM on the floor with "Arched Bar Grips" facing upward. Sit on the floor facing away from the CHIN UP GYM. Place hands on the" Arched Bar Grips" behind you while making sure your legs are fully extended out with your feet touching. Slowly lower body downward in a straight and controlled motion Continue your workout until you feel you are no longer using good form. For an advanced Dips workout, place a stable object such as a step stool underneath the heels of your feet NOTE Please make sure the pull up bar is securely assembled and that the door frame structure is safe and solid. Use the pull up bar at your own risk. This pull up bar is suitable for a 10-16cm thickness of the door frame/wall, the inner width of the door frame is 57-88cm, and the outer width is 95cm or more. Please measure before buying to avoid unnecessary losses in the future! Some products may have minor marks on the foam and end caps. Some nuts may be difficult to screw on, pliers are recommended to hold the bolt in place while screwing the nut on with a spanner.
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