Vortex Poker 3 60% RGB Backlit White 61 Keys Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Brown Tactile Switches

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VTK-6100R-BNWT Vortex Poker 3 RGB LED - Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Keyboard - White OVERVIEW The legendary Vortex Pok3r keyboard, which has graced the desks of countless mech-keys enthusiasts, is back and even better with bright RGB backlighting. This version features clear housing with LEDs mounted under the switches, creating a luminescent effect that really pops off the backplate—not to mention it comes with a host of preset lighting modes. Like its predecessor, this Pok3r has the same minimalist form factor, 60% layout, and your choice of Cherry MX switches. FEATURES Tough Exterior The Vortex Pok3r frame is made from a thick block of aluminum, which gives the keyboard a premium feel and high durability. Genuine Cherry MX Switches Allows Up To 50 Million Keystrokes Strong and durable, CHERRY MX Mechanical Switches allows at least 50 million keystrokes, making your keyboard a reliable partner for years of intense gaming & typing. PBT Doubleshot keycaps The legends are doubleshot, giving them virtually eternal life. Featuring shine-through legends, which allow the backlighting on your board to truly shine. Highly Programmable 3 layers customization , Built-up 3 kind of layout ( Qwerty, Dvorak, Colemak ) the programming features of the POK3R have been significantly upgraded, every key is capable of executing 32 keystrokes . Full Anti Ghosting mode ( N-key Roll Over) Compact Size The Vortex Pok3r is the perfect solution for limited space, as it has a 60% layout which offers a small footprint with all the functionality of a full size keyboard. SPECIFICATION Brand: Vortex Model: POK3R Size: 60% Switch Stems: MX Physical Layout: ANSI Logical Layout: US QWERTY Frame Color: White Frame Top Material: Aluminum Frame Bottom Material: Aluminum Primary LED Color: RGB Control LED Color: RGB Hotswap Sockets: No USB Key Rollover: Full Switch Mount Type: Plate Built in Audio Port: No Built in Mic Port: No Interface(s): USB Windows Compatible: Yes Dimensions: 11.60" x 4.01" x 1.50" Weight: 1.69 lbs Cherry MX Brown Specs Switch Type: MX Protection Class: IP40 Operation Characteristics: BROWN SWITCH Pressure point (55cN) Durability: > 50 million actuations Initial Force: 30 cN min. Actuation Force: 45 cN 4.0 mm total travel
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