Transgold Engine Mount/Transmission Mount - TEM1115

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Introducing the Transgold Engine Mount/Transmission Mount – the unsung hero of your ride's smooth sailing! Crafted with top-notch rubber construction, this bad boy is all about durability and dependability. So, when your engine and transmission are going all wild and wobbly, this mount is your trusty sidekick, here to restore order under the hood. No need to break a sweat with complicated installations – this mount is a direct OEM replacement, meaning it'll fit right in like a missing puzzle piece. And here's the kicker – while it's got that tough grip to keep your engine and transmission in check, it won't mess with your ride's original handling mojo. So you can keep zipping down the road with the same smooth, buttery feel. Worried about wear and tear? We've got you covered with a solid 12-month, 20,000km warranty. Your ride deserves the best, and the Transgold Engine Mount/Transmission Mount is here to deliver just that. Time to keep things smooth and steady under the hood – go on, give it a whirl! Features: High quality rubber construction Direct OEM Replacement Maintain the vehicle's original handling characteristics 12 month, 20,000km Warranty To suit Holden Commodore Vb-Vl 63-88 / Corolla Ke30- Rear -
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