Champion 3/8 BSP Hex Taper Plug Blister - HC52

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The Champion 3/8 BSP Hex Taper Plug Blister - HC52, a high-quality brass plug designed for various plumbing and fluid system applications. With its hex taper design and 3/8" size, this plug provides a secure and reliable seal. Key Features:Plugs Hex Taper Design: The HC52 features a hex taper design, providing a tapered hexagonal shape that ensures a secure fit when inserted into a corresponding port. This design helps create a reliable and leak-resistant connection.Brass Construction: The plug is made from brass, a corrosion-resistant and durable material. Brass is well-suited for plumbing applications and ensures longevity and robustness in various fluid systems.3/8" Size: The plug has a 3/8" size, making it compatible with ports or fittings of the same size. This sizing is common in plumbing and fluid systems, providing versatility for various applications.Pack Size: 1: The HC52 is sold in a blister pack containing a single plug. This packaging ensures that you have the exact quantity needed for your specific application, whether for repairs, maintenance, or installations.Whether you're working on a plumbing project, fluid system, or any application that requires a reliable seal, the Champion 3/8 BSP Hex Taper Plug Blister - HC52 is a practical choice. Its brass construction and hex taper design provide a durable and secure solution for closing off ports or fittings in plumbing and fluid systems. - Type:Hex Taper PlugBsp:3/8Pack Size:1
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