Ryco Fuel Filter - R2833P

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R2833P RYCO FUEL FILTERFeatures and Benefits Ryco's design philosophy is to meet the vehicle manufacturers' performance requirements Utilising Australia's only dedicated filtration laboratory and stringent testing procedures to meet the requirements for excellent filtration A superior performing filter must excel in ALL 3 critical areas to be deemed fit to do the job: Efficiency, Life and Flow New Vehicle Warranty ProtectionProduct BulletinR2833P Fitting InformationThe R2833P Fuel Filter is designed to be with its attached cap. This ensures that the rubber seal is aligned to the outlet pipe inside the housing. - PartR2833PInside Diameter Top11.00�mmOutside Diameter Top66.50�mmInside Diameter Bottom0.00�mmOutside Diameter Bottom66.50�mmHeight Overall86.00�mmMicron Rating (@ 98.7% efficiency)4.00�micron
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