Pet Cat Dog Security Flap Locking Door

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Give your pet the freedom to go inside and out with ease with Randy & Travis Machinery's extra-large two-way lockable pet access door. Your door can stay locked and secure, keeping you protected at night while allowing your pets to go in and out. With a magnetic closure, the door will seal out the elements, keeping your home protected from water damage. Four waterproof sheets create a seal for doors thicker than 5 cm, avoiding leaks. Its two-way construction allows pets to come inside and go outside easily, while the brushy flap allows them to pass through quietly. This pet door works equally well with doors made from metal, wood, or PVC,and can work with brick walls as well. Features and Specifications: Locking panel included Two-way locking system Two magnetic closures on the flap Fast, easy installation Works with doors or walls (brick, wood, metal and PVC) Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic Accessories: Locking panel, caps and screws for installation Materials: ABS (frame) and PVC (baffle) Dimensions (approximate): 36 cm x 5cm x 43 cm (outer), 29 cm x 36 cm (inner) Weight: 1.5 kg Contents: 2 strings, 4 baffles, 4 screws and caps, 1 large two-way locking pet door and panel Colour: Black
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