20x Fence Pigtail Posts Steel Electric Graze Farming Post Tape Fencing Anti-rust

in Animal Husbandry sold by Andala Pets & Rural
These pigtail spring steel fence posts are the perfect temporary fencing measure. Use them to graze your livestock over an area or protect your lawn from unwanted feet. Just stab them into the ground and attach rope electric wire cord or whatever works. You could even use decorative bunting for a party. The spring steel metal is very resistant to deforming and so will almost always return to its original shape. This is means you can use the fence posts over and over again in many different contexts. The pigtail end is insulated with polypropylene to make sure there is no electrical leakage into the fence post itself. Keep your cattle or sheep securely grazing in the section you want. Polypropylene is very weather resistant too. The wide foot tread makes these fence posts easier to push into the ground and provides added stability too. They are suitable for flat and rugged terrain. Key Features Pigtail design Solid spring steel Anti-rust and durable Non-deformable Insulated with PE Wide foot tread Ensured stability Easy to operation SPECIFICATION Material: Steel and polypropylene Length: 104cm Diameter: 6.5mm Colour: White PACKAGE CONTENTS 20x Pigtail Steel Posts
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