50m Solar Electric Animal Fence Kit

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The 50m Solar Electric Animal Fence Kit is a complete fencing solution for professional hobby farmers, pet owners, and anyone who wants to keep their animals safe from predators while providing them with a free-range environment. Our top quality, premium grade electrifiable netting is designed specifically to keep hens, geese, turkeys, and lambs securely contained and safe. The energiser gets its power from the included 5km solar powered fence system, and offers dependable protection even during sunless days due to its 15-20 day full charge battery life. Additionally, the brief pulse feature prevents harmful electric shocks. This 50m roll contains 112cm high netting and 12 horizontal wires – 11 electrified ones plus a strengthened non-electrified top strand – providing your animals with secure protection and containment. At the bottom of the fence is also incorporated a smaller mesh width so as to keep even smaller predators away from your precious property. It additionally features 15 stable fibreglass stakes with double pronged feet allowing for longevity despite weathering. Moreover, all of our knots are welded for even more dependability against standard wear and tear points. This 50m Solar Electric Animal Fence Kit is perfect for any farmer looking to ensure the safety of their livestock while enabling them to enjoy a free range lifestyle. Invest in ours today knowing that you’re getting only the best quality netting and features! Features 5km solar electric fence energiser Fully charged battery can work up to 15-20 sunless days Brief pulse function to prevent harmful electric shocks Top quality premium grade electrifiable netting which is suitable for hens, geese, turkeys & lambs. 112cm high with 12 horizontal wires with strengthened top strand. Perfect for professional hobby farmers wanting a free range environment Keep your eggs and animal safe from predators Excellent quality netting with welded knots and strengthen top strand Features a smaller mesh width in the lower area Stable, easily visible tread-in fibreglass stakes with double pronged feet (15 x posts per 50m roll)
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