Inverter Generator Portable Petrol

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Head out on the open road with your portable generator. Arrive at your camp site. Run your portable fridge off your generator. Why forgo basic amenities just because you are out camping, Your electric generator is there for when things go bad. The power is out and your freezer is thawing. Turn it on outside and run an extension cord inside. Run a second cord to your tv for the kids. Use your AC generator to power and charge all your work tools. The sparkys haven,t connected up power yet, Lucky for you your boss thinks of everything. That generator keeps you working. Fill up your power generator with petrol. Switch it on with the flick of a button. Power a usb device or two use the standard AU power plugs to run anything. Got something that needs 12V DC, We got you covered. All you need is some 92+ octane unleaded fuel and oil for your generator. Set it up under some shade outside. Need more power, Buy a second and run them in parallel. Charge up your electric car when you are far from civilisation. Key Features 2 x USB ports 1 x 12V DC 8A outlet and 2 x 240V AC 15A outlets 3500W continuous output. 4000W maximum output. Large 12.5L fuel tank 225cc OHV 4 Stroke engine 3 starting modes (recoil start/electric start/remote start) Overload and low oil protection Quieter with 59dB at 7m SAA approved and meets Euro 5 emission requirements SPECIFICATION Rated voltage: 240V/50-60Hz Rated output: 3500W Max output: 4000W AC voltage: 240V 15A Socket DC voltage: 12V/8.3A USB voltage: 5V 2.1A 5V 1A Engine Type: Air-cooling 4 Stroke OHV25, Single cylinder Starting type: Recoil start /Electric start/Remote control Ignition mode: CDI Fuel type: 92+ octane unleaded petrol Recommended oil: SAE SJ 10W-40 Fuel capacity: 12.5L Oil capacity: 0.55 L Spark plug: A7RTC Engine displacement: 225cc Applicable temperature: -5,C to 40,C Applicable humidity: Below 95% Applicable altitude: Below 1000M Dimension: 51cm x 44cm x 60cm (D x W x H) Weight: 40kg Colour: Red PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Traderight Inverter Generator 1 x Spark Plug Wrench 1 x Screwdriver 1 x Funnel 1 x RemoteControl 1 x Instruction Manual
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