Nemtek Agri 5km Electric Fence Solar Energiser

in Animal Husbandry sold by Andala Pets & Rural
The Agri 5km solar energizers include an attached solar panel and a built-in environmentally friendly Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (LiFePo 4).. The environmentally friendly battery offers a much longer life span than traditional lead acid batteries. These Agri solar energizers with the advanced battery technology are ready to use and easy to install. Features: Powers up to 5km of fence (optimal conditions) 10W solar panel for quick charge Robust solar bracket and weather-resistant housing On/off TAG to switch the energizer on and off Battery charge state indicator Solar panel charge state indicator Deep sleep mode for battery safe mode storage Day/night sensor Y-picket mounting Lightning protection Specifications: Dimensions 190(L) x 115(W) x 76(D)mm Output energy max 0.47J (stored energy 0.55J) Output voltage 4.1kV @500Ohms 6.0kV @1000Ohms 12kV @ Open circuit Solar Panel 10Watt IP rating IP65
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