Flexible Lamb Bottle Feeder

in Pet Food Containers sold by Andala Pets & Rural
Introducing the Flexible Lamb Bottle Feeder: your perfect solution for feeding lambs with less hassle. Made in Victoria, for Australia, this reliable bottle feeder ensures there is no corrosion over time, making it a valuable long-term investment for any farm. It boasts an impressive capacity of 1 litre and has dimensions of 80W x 80L x 300H – perfect for storing a larger quantity of feed than other products on the market. Beyond simply looking after your lambs' needs, this feeder also offers convenience during washing and cleaning. The teat cap unscrews enabling easy and thorough removal of residual feed; keeping the feeder hygienic and bacteria-free at all times - which is essential to keep your animals healthy and happy! With its intuitive design, the Flexible Lamb Bottle Feeder will really enhance your existing livestock operations. Plus, it’s sure to stand up against wear and tear to provide you lasting use without fail. Give yourself the advantage by investing in practicality, reliability, and long-term performance with the Flexible Lamb Bottle Feeder today.
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