Chain Link Fence Steel 1.5m x 15 m

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At Andala Pets & Rural we have various sizes and wire thickness of Chain Wire fencing (also called chain link fencing or security fencing). Our chain wire is Australian made. Our Chain wire mesh is manufactured from high quality wire and comes in the standard 2.5mm thickness and 50mm diamond holes. We do also do 3.15mm thickness if customer wants that option. We have the chain wire fencing in a Galvanised finish (silver) and Galvanised finish with a Black PVC coating (we can also do a Green PVC coating if requested) Chain Link Mesh Fencing – is used extensively for boundary fencing but is also recommended for security fencing when it is topped with barbed wire or razor wire for added security.  Chain link mesh fencing is also used for sporting enclosures, safety barriers, screening and partitioning. Security – barbed or razor wire Boundary Fencing; Security Cages and Enclosures; Internal Factory Partitions; Park and Oval Fencing; Tennis Courts; Cricket Net Enclosures; Safety Barrier & Screen Fencing; Gates made to order.
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