Swedish Firewood Kindling Log Splitter

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The interior 230mm diameter of the top ring manual log splitter offers more space to handle huge pieces of firewood with diameters up to 8.6in. The intimidating 17in. frame height fits MAX. 16in. long wood. More than enough space to get those pieces split in seconds. It's perfect for all your favorites, handling most dimensions of firewood, maple, birch, and mesquite. Our log maker is designed with a well-crafted "V"- shaped blade that targets the soft parts of wood, splitting a stack of firewood in minutes. It is made from rigid carburization steel to ensure that our blade will never dull after countless years of use. Our firewood cutter adopts solid cast steel with robotic welding technology, weighing 2kg, heavier than others to withstand thousands of bangs and clinks without ever breaking. With a flawless powder coating on the surface, it needs almost no maintenance but a bit of brushing off and maybe a touch of paint from time to time to look new for generations. You will recieve 1 x protection cover bag, 4 x screws, and 1 x instruction manual in the package. Four bolt holes are featured on the base to permanently provide extra stability and a perfect height for kindling splitting. You can even use the splitter with just one hand in three steps to start splitting wood. And guess what? You can temporarily place it on any surface and take it from camp to camp as you need.
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