220 Ltr Round Poly Trough Pond

in Fish sold by Andala Pets & Rural
Love your fish? Whether you’re an avid hobbyist or a dedicated farmer, the 220 Ltr Round Poly Trough Pond is the perfect solution for you! When it comes to caring for your precious fish, nothing beats this modern, cost-effective pond trough. It comes in sleek black with a covered float valve and two-inch drain caps, ensuring your watery friends stay safe and sound. Plus, there’s an enclosed float compartment that keeps them out of reach of predators. And for complete convenience, we even added a unique lift-up flap for easy float access – no more opening up the entire tank every time you need to inspect your beloved fish! Plus, this 220 Ltr Round Poly Trough Pond is stackable, highly flexible and supremely durable; just what any enthusiast needs from their pond resource! Dimensions are 1000 DIA x 400 H with a capacity of 220 ltrs; it’s simply perfect for all your fishy requirements. So whether you want to upgrade your current setup or invest in a new one entirely, we promise we have something that belongs in your home! Specifications Capacity 220 ltr Length 1000 mm Height 400 mm Width 1000 mm **PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE MADE TO ORDER RIGHT HERE IN VICTORIA. PLEASE ALLOW 2 TO 3 WEEKS PRODUCTION AND SHIPPING**
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