'Goulburn' Lawn Seed Blend 5kg

in Gardening sold by Andala Pets & Rural
Introducing Goulburn, an engineered blend of turf type tall fescue, ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass to ensure your lawn is right as rain. Our 5kg batch of Lawn Seed Blend is specifically suited for areas in South eastern NSW where droughts are common yet the climate still involves cold winters and hot summers. Goulburn is a trusted solution for gardeners and farmers looking for the perfect seed blend that can handle anything Mother Nature throws its way. With Goulburn’s confidence-inspiring mixture of robust grass species, you can let your plants go to town whether it’s beautiful sunshine or a downpour of rain. Long lasting and non-invasive, our mix is designed to thrive even in harsh conditions. The blend contains a specific ratio of turf type tall fescue, rt perennial ryegrass and Kentucky blue for great looking results at all times. Try it today and give your lawn the gift of resilience! Drought tolerant Specifically suited for areas with cold winters and hot summers Well suited for South Eastern NSW Contains the following seeds; Turf type tall fescue Rt perennial ryegrass Kentucky blue
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