'Canberra' Lawn Seed Blend 5kg

in Gardening sold by Andala Pets & Rural
Take your garden or lawn to new heights with the 'Canberra' Lawn Seed Blend 5kg. The perfect combination of Turf type tall fescue, Fine feed annual ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and Creeping red fescue gives you an unparalleled area of lushness and greenery in the summertime. Now with a drought tolerant nature and ability to thrive in shade—you can rest assured that even minimal irrigation won't hinder the growth of your lawn! Gardeners and farmers are no strangers to areas that don’t get enough sun or require more water than usual. Canberra is perfect for both! It's designed to remain green all year round—even under difficult conditions. Plus, since it’s a five-kilogram mix, it covers up to 110 square meters – so you can be sure that your entire yard is looking its best for years on end. In short, the 'Canberra' Lawn Seed Blend 5kg offers superior performance compared to regular grass seeds—and you don't have to sacrifice quality for value. Enjoy it today! Drought tolerant Green all year round Shade tolerant Well suited for minimal irrigation Contains the following seeds; Turf type tall fescue Fine feed annual ryegrass Kentucky bluegrass Creeping red fescue
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