EvenGreen Drop Fertiliser Spreader

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Spreading granular fertilisers over the lawn has never been easier. Scotts fertiliser spreaders are designed to make the task accurate, clean and simple - no more dipping your hands into bags of fertiliser, no more risk of burning the lawn with hit and miss broadcast applications. The Scotts EvenGreen Drop model is perfect for medium to large lawns FEATURES Because of the spreader's drop action, fertiliser is unlikely to come into contact with concrete or paving, not is it flung into adjacent garden beds Made from durable materials and with sturdy wheels Comes boxed, with a full set of instructions on how to assemble Fertiliser hopper holds up to 4kg of Scotts Lawn Builder fertiliser Check the spreader setting on the Scotts Lawn Builder bag and adjust accordingly using the simple adjuster SUITABLE FOR Application of all Scotts Lawn Builder Slow Release Lawn Fertilisers The preferred spreader for applying Scotts Lawn Builder + Weed kill because there's minimal risk of fertiliser being inadvertently spread into adjacent garden beds NOT SUITABLE FOR Not recommended for use with powdered fertilisers - the spreader may clog and break Not recommended for spreading lawn seed unless it is thoroughly mixed with a granular lawn starter fertiliser  
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