Wobble-Tee Water Efficient Sprinkler

in Gardening sold by Andala Pets & Rural
Introducing the award-winning Wobble-Tee Water Efficient Sprinkler, an innovative and sustainable design focused on water conservation. From homes to businesses, this smart sprinkler system is the perfect choice for gardens in need of a reliable solution that conserves water. Developed to reduce evaporation loss, it uses the rotating impact of a tumbling stream that evenly distributes across all surfaces whether they are close by or at a distance. The sprinkler's nozzle free design eliminates blocked nozzles while providing more coverage in less time, ensuring uniform distribution every time. And with its adjustable arm height settings and size options, you can tailor your area’s watering needs with ease. So no matter where you install it, you get full coverage at an efficient rate of water usage, even if the land is uneven or has uneven variations in slope throughout. The Wobble-Tee Sprinkler was recognised in 2012 for its beautifully designed product that stands out from the competition when it came to sustainability, water efficiency and innovation, receiving the Smart Approved WaterMark Product of the Year Award in 2012. Make sure you purchase one today as your source for reliable and sustainable garden property care!
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