40ml Easy Squeeze Pour On Applicator

in Animal Husbandry sold by Andala Pets & Rural
Introducing the 40ml Easy Squeeze Pour On Applicator, a top-of-the-line product designed to make your routine farm work easier and more comfortable. This revolutionary applicator has a range of features that not only cut down on time and effort, they also reduce wastage and improve accuracy when applying pour on products to sheep and cattle. Our SoftLock™ Valve Technology allows fast and efficient refilling, while our Offset Barrel Outlet™ gets your priming done in no time at all. Quality valves on the applicator require less of your force to squeeze – now you can save up that energy for something else! You'll never have to worry about 'after spurt' with this applicator either – it's expertly designed to prevent excessive amounts of liquid from coming out after you release. We've also included an innovative Dose Selector at the top so that you can quickly and easily adjust dosage levels without having to guess or take extra time in finding those settings. Plus, an ergonomic handle ensures holding the gun is comfortable. No need for clumsy rubber gloves here! Lastly, both T Bar nozzle for products like Maverick, Avenge and Zapp, as well as a star tip nozzle for ca are already supplied with each purchase. Whether it's late nights out in the field or busy days spent tending cattle, our 40ml Easy Squeeze Pour On Applicator makes light work out of every task. Get yours today and see how easy life can be!
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