Snake Repellents Premium Solar with Multi-Pulse Vibration and Garden Light 4-PACK

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Sureguard Snake Deterrents have been developed to repel many kinds of snakes. They emit a pulsing vibration into the surrounding soil. When the snake perceives the vibration as a source of danger most snakes will choose to avoid confrontation. (Similar principle to bushwalkers walking noisily to scare snakes away.) Snake Facts: Scientists have evidence that snakes can detect the direction of vibration! Vibrations as small as one billionth of a meter can be sensed by some snakes! Snakes hardly hear airborne sounds but are sensitive to vibration.S Most snakes choose to avoid danger. Snake Deterrents: Vibrate to signal danger. Vibrate within the snake's pitch range. Advanced New Features Long-Life Super-Capacitor: Backup power for nights and cloudy weather. Up to 3 weeks of backup power. No batteries required! Improved Vibration: 150% more powerful than many other brands. 55% more powerful than our previous premium model. 100 Second Multi-Pulse Vibration: Uses a changing pulse pattern that repeats on a 100 second cycle. This is designed to reduce potential desensitisation in snakes. Welded Case: Now has an Ingress Protection Rating of IP65 which is widely accepted as waterproof. Other Built-in Features Case Glow LED garden night light. ON/OFF Switch. Up to about 30m coverage.
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