Learn To Sail - Full Day

Sailing is a pastime revered by many as one of the most glorious things you can do. These days you can hire a yacht just about anywhere. Now you'll have the skills and practice to take your yacht wherever you like! This hands-on course is so well-regarded it will count towards the RYA Competent Crew Course. You will learn to steer the yacht and work the sails as you sail the boat around beautiful Moreton Bay. The course teaches ropes, knots, how to work the sails and winches, steering, the use of the compass and the ins and outs of on-board safety. Students also gain some knowledge of charts and what the buoys and beacons mean. This 1-day course teaches you in a very practical manner - this isn't just some guy telling you what he knows, these are qualified trainers. Take this course for a skill that you'll enjoy all your life!

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