Ted's DSLR Cleaning Kit

Ted's Cleaning Kit Includes: Lens Cleaning Cloth/Lens Cleaning Fluid/Lens Brush /Cotton swabs The Microfiber Magic Cloth efficiently removes grease, fingerprints, dust and smudge marks. It?s super soft and safe for optical surfaces, no sticking fibers after use. Use either wet or dry. Excellent performance on camera lenses leaving no streaks.The multipurpose cleaning solution is suitable for use on cameras, DV, lens, DISC, computer, mobile, PDA glasses and for all LCD screens. The retractable brush is ideal for cleaning digital cameras, lenses, viewfinders, LCD screens and keyboards. The Cotton Swabs are perfect for cleaning optical equipment, especially camera and video finders. Any dirt or dust remaining in the corners is easily removed. Keeping your lenses and LCD spotless is crucial to high-quality photography.  

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