Red Faction Collection (PS3)

FREE AND FAST SHIPPING FROM MELBOURNE - INSTOCK NOW AT DUNGEON CRAWL - Red Faction: Guerrilla takes place in the year 2120. The Earth Defense Force (EDF), the allies in the original Red Faction, have become the main antagonist of Guerrilla. Although initially supportive of the Martian miners, Earth's natural resources have run scarce, and as a result, its world economy has collapsed from rampant speculation of commodities and lack of production. Under pressure by Earth's corporations and leaders to acquire the resources of Mars at any cost and at a pace to meet Earth's high demand, the EDF has forced Martian society into a permanent state of unfree labour. The newly-reformed "Red Faction" arises to revolt against the EDF, drive them off the planet, and begin fairer negotiations with Earth.FEATURES: *Red Faction: Guerrilla: *GEO-Mod 2.0: tear down enemy strongholds brick by brick with super realistic destruction engine *Red Faction: Armageddon: *Nano Forge: Unleash the devastating force with impact blasts, or suspend enemies with Shockwave *Red Faction: Battlegrounds *And all DLCs

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