Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (PSP)

FREE AND FAST SHIPPING FROM MELBOURNE - INSTOCK NOW AT DUNGEON CRAWL - As mighty monster hunters, players can hunt bloodthirsty creatures throughout the land on their own, or with others. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 builds on Monster Hunter 2 (aka Monster Hunter Dos, only available in Japan) for PS2 and contains over 50% more content than the original Monster Hunter Freedom. In this unique action-adventure game, gamers increase their play skills as they battle through breath-taking environments while defeating bloodthirsty creatures. Multiplayer cooperative battles for up to four friends via wireless ad-hoc mode allow team building for the ultimate battle of man vs. beast. Players can also fully customize their characters, building up their abilities with armor and weaponry as they make their way through hundreds of quests. And with built-in functionality to download future content, players will be able to extend their hunt with even more content and quests.FEATURES: * More than 250 challenging quests; More than 70 different monsters More than 700 weapons More than 1400 armor items * Ad hoc multiplayer allowing up to four players to form their own hunting parties * New infrastructure mode support to download additional content * One or two player treasure hunter timed co op game; More than eight exciting new maps with day and night cycles * Background loading system option reduces loading times during quests

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