Hyperdimension Neptunia (PS3)

FREE AND FAST SHIPPING FROM MELBOURNE - INSTOCK NOW AT DUNGEON CRAWL - What is Neptunne? Neptunne is about transformation and anime style battles. You take on the role of Neptunne who is a human form video game hardware to battle the evil illegal hardware. Both the main characters and sub characters are either a hardware or company that has taken a human form. Flow of Game 1. Story scene to set the setting of the game. Here you will find out what your mission is. 2. After the story scene you will prepare for battle. Here you can change your characters, stats, weapons, and skills. 3. Once you enter the dungeon you will encounter enemies. At the end of the dungeon a powerful boss will stand in your way. 4. Battle is done in a turn based style. You and the enemy will take turns in making an action. Transformation :- Transformation is a big part of Neptunne, but you cannot transform without enough energy. It's like Power Rangers where you will fight in normal human mode first and when the time comes you transform in the super human form. Changing weapons will not only change your stats, but also your appearance. Your transformed character's appearance can also change by changing the processor unit she is equipping. After transformation your stats and skills will improve greatly. Also this is when you can use and view your custom skill visuals that will be explained next. Custom Skill System :- By pressing "square","circle", "triangle", or X button in a certain order or repeatedly you can do a combo attack with the expense of AP points (AKA magic points). The combination of the skill can be decided by you and also the name of the skill can be made you as will. How To Make Your Combo :- Each character has a certain set of skills like "Flame Slash" that you acquire as you become stronger. When making your custom combo you will assign these skills to each button and during combat you can either press the according button to pull off that move. If you press the buttons in sequence it becomes the combo skill that you have created and inflicts more damage than pulling off the skill in random sequence. Combos With Gun Shots :- Like close combat weapons, guns can do combo attacks. One major difference though is by switching the bullets your gun shots will carry a different elemental effect. Depending on your enemy you may want to change your bullets to fight more effectively. Image Editing :- In Neptunne you can use images in your PS3 photo album to be the cover art for your skills. The image can be edited and stored in game. Your edited image will appear when you cast the skill! Symbols and emblems on your characters can be edited as will. Like the skill image you can use your images in the photo album. Simply choose, edit, and confirm the change. Summoning :- During battle you can summon your favorite classic video game characters from Sega, Nippon IchiSoftware, Gust, Idea factory, and Compile Heart. Many of these classic characters can inflict insane amount of damage.FEATURES: * Game Hardware & Companies become human characters * Summon video game characters and characters you created * Edit pictures on your PS3 to use as summoning characters * Customize you characters by changing their processors * Create your own combo attacks

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