Dark Vampires (PC)

FREE AND FAST SHIPPING FROM MELBOURNE - INSTOCK NOW AT DUNGEON CRAWL - This game is almost unheard of - I couldn't find an entry for it on ign.com (then again you can't spell ignorance without ign, lol) and a handful of youtube reviews condemed it as a really bad last generation game. Well, let me broaden your horizons a little. The cover boasts: * 6 levels * amazing 3D graphics * 2 difficulty levels * thrilling vampire storyline * breathtaking soundtrack * so lets deal with these one by one LEVELS: you spawn in to a location and then have to deal with wave after wave of vampires who after you with guns. You are armed with throwing stars, a pistol, and a bow. It took me 4 attempts to get out of the first level which was a small warehouse. The vampires spawn faster than you can take them out thanks to a very broken hit-detection system which leaves you pumping them full of lead forever unless you get a decent headshot unlike the vampires who will start draining your health as if you a pumping your blood out with a vaccum cleaner - THEY NEVER MISS. And it doesn't get any better - there are some streets at night levels and a few others but I haven't gotten that far yet. GRAPHIC: According to amazon's product page, this game was released in 2009 - but the graphics are circa 1999!!! The textures are bland and boring, the 3d models are worse than Quake 3!!! The animation is stilted and boring. The couple of levels I've seen so far make this look like a half hearted student project (which I secretly beleive it is). BREATHTAKING SOUNDTRACK: I can sum up this claim in a 3 letter word - NOT!!! The soundtrack is just like the graphics, boring bland and totally without merit. OVERALL: The only reason I got past the first level (which is as far as all the video reviews I've seen have gotten) was that I got really bored one night and didn't want to (or could afford to) go grinding on World of Warcraft (Mac/PC) so I stuck this horrible game in and tried to like it...and failed. This is well worth avoiding at all cost - it's cheap because no one in there right mind would buy this pile of junk.FEATURES:

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