Pedicure - 90 Minutes

Your pedicure begins with a luxurious foot soak in salts and essential oils. This will bring out the texture of feet, making the skin malleable for massage and soft to improve skin inconsistencies. The feet are exfoliated to bring out your cleanest, most beautiful skin. After the preparation of your feet, there will be extensive tidying of nails and cuticles, which we all know is an art in itself! Those less than perfect spots on your feet will be worked - whether it's callouses on the balls of your feet from heels, roughness around the base of your feet - it's all completely workable in the hands of these professionals. The pedicure winds down with a soothing leg and foot massage, and your feet are then dipped in parrafin wax to provide a smoothing all-over protection and to effectively seal the work you've had done. Nails are painted, and now your feet are ready for weeks in the limelight!

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