Furi Pro Boning Knife 13cm

The Furi Pro Boning Knife 13cm is a professional meat preparation knife, a high performance knife popular with great chefs. It has a fine and sharp blade that is perfect for removing meat from bones. It has been developed by chefs and engineers for chefs for professional performance. This will be a great asset to your kitchen! The patented wedge-shaped handle locks on to the hand to reduce slip towards the blade. It is engineered to reduce hand fatigue, requiring less squeeze. This unique reverse-wedge effect is opposite to most other knives and an important development in professional boning knives. The extremely sharp edges are created by Furi Tech Edge Pro Knife Sharpening System. Tech Edge was developed by Furitechnics Australia as a tool for optimum sharpening and honing by professional chefs and home cooks. Tech Edge is also used during production to finish the edge of this blade on this knife to the ideal shape and hone. Furi boning knives were developed by the chefs and e...

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