Fundix Induction Saucepan 20cm

The 20cm induction saucepan with lid from Fundix is a premium quality saucepan with a 2.5 litre capacity that will help you with your cooking creations by quickly and evenly distributing heat around the base of the saucepan during cooking. Top quality saucepans are an asset to any kitchen. If you’re looking to enhance your kitchenware buy the Fundix Induction saucepan online from Available at the best online prices in Australia, the Fundix 20cm induction Saucepan provides chefs of every skill level with the tools needed to produce the best results with every meal. Order your induction saucepan online today from and receive FREE shipping across Australia. Fundix cookware, made from durable, non-warping cast aluminium, ensures quick and perfect cooking results with every use with easy clean up and is suitable for all cooking surfaces. Fundix patented Integral System Induction Base/Diffuser, along with their exclusive detailed re...

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