One Hour Flying Lesson

Activity Highlights * 60 minute flying lesson * Soak up the extraordinary views of Noosa National Parks and Double Island Point. * Possibility of spotting whales along side Moreton Island * Exhilarating low-level flight Main Description Your flight will start with you getting to know your aircraft. After your briefing (which doesn't count towards your flight time) your instructor will take you through the pre start up inspection of the aircraft before you're strapped into the pilots seat. Listen carefully as your instructor talks you through engine start up and the rules and technique in taxiing. He'll guide the craft into the sky and the next thing you know you're in the sky for the unmistakable, irreplaceable experience of flying! When up to 2-3000 feet in the air you'll get the chance to actually control the aircraft! How amazing - actually being in control as two human beings soar way above the earth. Reach dizzying heights and learn how to steer this awesome flying machine. Toward the end hand control back over to the pilot for an exhilarating low-level experience down Australia's most beautiful stretch of golden coast. Now that's an experience! While enjoying your trial flight over the most spectacular part of South East Queensland Coastline, including the beautiful sandy dunes of Moreton Island to the floorless beaches and hinterland of Noosa national park, Noosa north shore and double Island point. While you're on the Sunshine Coast you can take some time afterwards to explore numerous markets, held Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays or maybe include this experience as part of a romantic getaway for you and your partner.

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