Wide Open Road DVD

<p>THE STORY OF CARS IN AUSTRALIA</p> <p>This is the 3 part TV history of Australia via the cars we drove - how we became a car nation.</p> <p>Featuring interviews with Sir Jack Brabham, Allan Moffat, Colin Bond, Bev Brock, Vince Sorrenti, Jean Kittson, Steve Bisley, Reg Mombassa and Paul Keating.</p> <p>Featuring music by John Barry, Ennio Morricone, The Saints, The Seekers, The Stranglers, David Bowie, Ed Kuepper and Lobby Loyde.</p> <p>All the heroes and villains that emerged from the intoxicating fumes. Let's face it - Australians are just a bunch of revheads.</p>

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