Private Life of Plants

Crawling, flying, exploding, thieving, fighting, killing &#8211; it sounds like the latest action movie thriller but they&#8217;re actually David Attenborough&#8217;s revelations on The Private Life of Plants! In this landmark series Attenborough shows us the plant world as we&#8217;ve never seen them before &#8211; on the move, dangerous and achieving the mission impossible &#8211; survival.<p> Filmed in exotic locations around the world, the multi award-winning The Private Life of Plants was three years in the making. Using computer animations, fibre-optics and unique high-speed and time-lapse photography, David Attenborough reveals how plants have managed to colonise every part of the globe. Each program takes one of the major problems of life &#8211; growing, finding food, reproduction - and the varied ways plants have evolved to solve it. <p> Rated: E (exempt from classification) <br> Duration: 292 mins. <br> 2003 </p> <p><b>PAL Format - Region 4 DVD <br> <span style="color:#990000">(for use on Australian DVD players)</span></b> <br> <a href="/help/viddvdinfo.shtm">Click here for World DVD Standards</a></p>

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