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<p>Based on the semi-autobiographical writings of rising UK comedy star Miranda Hart (Not Going Out, Absolutely Fabulous), Miranda is the hilarious, critically-acclaimed BBC sitcom screened locally on ABC2. Miranda has always stood out from the crowd. She's over six foot tall, lacks any kind of grace and has an odd habit of dancing in inappropriate situations. She lives in her own chaotic world, making a living by owning a joke shop which is managed by her best friend and taskmaster Stevie (Sarah Hadland: Moving Wallpaper, That Mitchell and Webb Look). Brimming with warmth and featuring the best of British comedy talent, Miranda tracks the hysterical and unpredictable journey of a character you can't help but fall in love with. </p> <p><b>PAL Format - Region 4 DVD <br> <span>(for use on Australian DVD players)</span></b><br> <a href="/help/viddvdinfo.shtm">Click here for World DVD Standards</a></p>

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