Blue Planet - Special Edition

Narrated by David Attenborough, The Blue Planet is one of the BBC's greatest success stories and is the first comprehensive series on the natural history of the world's oceans. All eight classic episodes are featured here, along with three previously un-released special presentations. <p></p> <strong>Special Features/Contents Listing</strong> <ul> <li> The Abyss, a chilling expose including rare footage of amazing deep sea life </li> <li> Amazon Abyss, where we meet primitive dolphins, giant black piranha and massive electric knife fish </li> <li> Dive to Shark Volcano, a look at the extraordinary wealth of life surrounding the underwater volcano known as Cocos Island, or Shark Island as it is known to locals due to the large number of sharks in residence.</li> </ul> Rated: E (exempt from classification)<br> Duration: 690 mins.<br> Released: 2005 <p></p><b>PAL Format - Region 4 DVD <br> <span style="color:#990000">(for use on Australian DVD players)</span></b> <br> <a href="/help/viddvdinfo.shtm">Click here for World DVD Standards</a> <p></p>

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