Panasonic HM-TA1

The Full HD mobile camera that fits in your pocket, for easy video and photo shooting and instant image sharingThis compact Full HD mobile camera records high-quality videos and photos, yet is small enough to fit in your pocket or the palm of your hand. The stylish camera can hang from a wrist strap, for go-anywhere ease at all times, just like a cell phone. The TA1 lets you record full-HD videos of daily life as easily and casually as snapping photos. Easy uploading and sharing integrated USB terminal with softwareThe TA1 features an integrated USB terminal and preloaded software to make PC connection simple, and easily lets you upload pictures and videos to social media sites like YouTube and Facebook. HD Writer PE 1.0, automatically starts up and allows one-touch loading of image data into the PC for editing. What’s more, the software can directly upload video clips to YouTubeTM or Facebook without having to launch a browser, for quick and easy image sharing. Use TA1 as webcam during Skype conversations on computerThis clever unit can even serve as web camera for Skype,** so you can make free video calls over the internet, allowing you to keep in close contact with family and friends, no matter how far away they might be.** The use of a high-performance CPU is recommended for video conferencing with high-quality images. Ideal for Mac and PC Users (Iframe mode and MP4)The TA1 lets you record movies with iFrame, so importing is fast and file sizes are small. Movies can then be edited and uploaded to the internet or to a portable device right away. iFrame is also compatible PC and Mac applications, such as Apple iMovie.

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